Start your Fundraiser

Thank you for starting a fundraiser with us.


Things you need to know.

       1: They're is No personal fundraisers. We only offer fundraisers for schools, nonprofits, and charity organizations.

      2: Payments will only be issued to and made payable to the  organzation of the fundraiser, not to an individual.

      3: If you have a long term fundraiser payments is issued once a month. 


We offer two ways to make money for a fundraiser.

       1: Selling items on our website

      2: Gift Card Fundraising.


Selling items from our website is very easy. Sign up below and you we get a unique link so we can track your sales. Once the fundraiser is over we will cut your organization a check for 20% of the profits.

Gift Card fundraising is a little easier. You must sell a minimum 250 gift cards. We recommend the you sell them a $10.00 or $25.00. Your organization will receive 20% of each gift card sold, $2 for each $10 or $5 for each $25 for each gift card sold.. We recommend that you start the $10 gift cards.  Most anyone has at least $10.00 in their pockets. Technically they're getting their money back in a form of a gift card.

Note: You must pay for the gift cards before there issued.


For selling items on the website, please click on the link below. For gift card fundraising please contact us by email or by phone.