Founder Carl Griffith has a dream. He wants to open an orphanage. Funding an orphanage costs alots of money. With the cost of land and construction it would cost so much money that it would be almost impossible. Or is it? He figured if he had businesses and other real estate income property to help fund the orphanage his dream would not be that far off.

In the summer of 2016, Carl started The Fund Raising Corporation. Its purpose is to help organizations in needs funding, whether it was helping a local school fundraise for children to go on camping trip or helping a church group  fundraise for  a chapel.  He figured that we can help complete your goals and in return accomplish ours.

It's very simple. Go to Start a fundraiser and fill out the form. You will receive a unique website link that can be shared with all of your contacts.  Whether you do e-mail marketing or social media marketing the more you talk about your fundraiser the more attention its going to receive.  Your organization will receive 50% of the profits after customer purchase item off the website using your unique link.

There is one more way to fundraise money for your organization or charity. Sell our gift cards. You have to sell a minimum of 300 gift cards for $10 each.  Your organization will receive $2 per card sold; that's $600! IF you feel that you can do more, go ahead and choose the option of selling them for $25 dollar each.  If you organization sell 300 gift card at $25 each, your organization will receive $1500 for all gift cards sold. Keep in my mind that selling the $10 gift cards will be easier.  Just remember "All the good old boys and girls have at least $10 in there pockets."


At The Fund Raising Corporation, we strive to provide great products for every customers. We value your input. Please feel free to contact us. 

(626) 344-8658